Functional Nanoparticles Laboratory

Dr. Gyenis Jánosgyenis janos
PhD (1994); 
Place: building I , room:637. 

Phone: +36 88  623-506
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dr. Janos Gyenis, PhD., D.Sc. is professor emeritus at the University of Pannonia. He was graduated at the University of Veszprém in 1962, as chemical engineer. From this time he was employed at the Komárom Oil Refinery, Hungary. From 1971 he worked at the Research Institute of Chemical and Process Engineering, Veszprem, Hungary, at first as research fellow, then as head of various research departments, scientific vice director and for several periods as director of the institute. From 2005 he was the head of the Research Laboratory of Functional Nanoparticles and scientific advisor at the institute. His research activity was mainly focused to particle technology, namely powder mixing, formulation of particulate solids, modeling and simulation of particle flow through static mixers. His recent activity is to carry out research projects aiming preparation and application of nano/microparticles used in various fields of chemical engineering, energetics, environmental protection, and other branches of industry. In 1993 the title of D.Sc. was granted to him by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. In 1999 he was appointed as university professor at the University of Kaposvár. From 2005 he was nominated as professor at the University of Pannonia. Since 2010 he is professor emeritus at this university. He has about 220 published works. He is co-inventor in 26 patents or patent applications. The number of independent scientific citations is about 660. He organized several international meetings or conferences, and served as member of editorial board of three scientific journals including the Chemical Engineering and Processing issued by Elsevier. He was, or is member of several international and Hungarian scientific boards or committees.

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